/ The Dark Side: Vlogcast

This Vlogcast series explores the relationship between Mental Health & The Arts, and the idea that engaging with a form of art practice can help some people make sense of their world, confront their fears, cope with their pressures, and improve their overall wellbeing.

Created, produced, presented, and edited by Jackson O’Keeffe.

Supervised by Dr Laura Glitsos. Filmed in ECU’s television studio with Technical Support by Baz Harvey.

Episode 1: Introduction of Mental Health & Art

Hear from Professor Ted Snell, and artists Nicola Kaye and Lyndall Adams discuss their involvement in the Dark Side exhibition at ECU Galleries.

Episode 2: Mental Health & Art and time

This episode explores the link between Mental Health & Art over time, as Professor Ted Snell reflects on a number of artists throughout history who struggled with their mental health.

Episode 3: Closing thoughts

Associate Professor of Psychology Joanne Dickson brings the final episode together as she shares her take on the Mental Health & Art relationship. Dickson will also be joined by several artists from the Dark Side exhibition to discuss what art does for their mental health and wellbeing.